Antoni Chłapowski, the founder and owner of Jaszkowo Riding Centre, is a descendant of General Dezydery Chłapowski. He began his professional sporting career as a Formula Ford racing driver and was the winner of the Danish Championships and a runner-up in the Swedish and Benelux Championships. He also qualified in second place for the 1972 World Finals.   The development of tourism products is one of the priorities in the process of creating Poland’s image as a country which is attractive to tourists.
With no tourism products the Polish Tourism Organisation would not have anything to promote, and without promotion it would not be possible for tourism products to be properly developed.
The scheme "Every Pole rides Horseback" was launched by Centrum Hipiki in 2002 and will be go on by many next year. The scheme is an initiative for every part of Poland. The core of initiative is the propagation of horseback riding as well as the creation of a system to help in financing riding clubs and farm-related tourism. The scheme is based on a very successful Swedish model is target at all those who loves horses and riding for pleasure as well professionally.  
For everyone who rare interested in horse-riding we can offer one or two weeks courses of horse-riding. Each participant have one horse which is matching to size and age of horseman.   We are pleased to announce that the "Internacional Horse Riding Federacion" have decided to give Poland the organization of the "Pony European Championship in 2011 in Jaszkowo".
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