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Special Award

07 December 2011

On 02 December 2011 participated in the ceremonial presentation of awards by the Marshal Office of Wielkopolska.

II Indoor Championships in driving

28 November 2011

On 26-27.11.2011 were held in Jaszkowo II Indoor Championships in driving horse-drawn carts.

Preschoolers with a visit to Borovets Jaszkowo

25 November 2011

Presentation of year-end non-public pre-kindergarten children with elves in Borovets.

Pony European Championships 2011 - presentation

25 November 2011

Pony European Championships in four disciplines: dressage, show jumping, eventing and horseball 26-31 July 2011 "

Funpage on Facebooku

25 November 2011

From now on you can keep track of what's happening with us at our fanpage on Facebook.

St. Hubert run

04 November 2011

October 29 this year, we celebrated the St. Hubert Day at Centrum Hipiki Jaszkowo.

Dressage competitions

04 November 2011

On 02 November 2011, held in Jaszkowo dressage competitions with the participation of children from Russia.


21 October 2011

For the fifth time in Centerum Hipiki Jaszkowo on 15.10.2011 the Polish Championships where held place in horse shoeing. Horseshoers from across Poland competed in two competitions: hammering and forging hot horseshoes.

I Indoor Championships in driving horse-drawn carts

20 April 2011

On 09-10 April 2011, Centerum Hipiki Jaszkowo held I Indoor Championships in driving horse-drawn carts, organized with the Jagodne Equestrian Sports Club.

Training consultations in horse-drawn carts driving

15 March 2011

On 11-13 March 2011 in Centrum Hipiki Jaszkowo training consultations took place in horse-drawn carts driving, organized with Jagodne Equestrian Sports Club.


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