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Antoni Chłapowski’s hotel in Jaszkowo is housed in a painstakingly restored 19th-century palace surrounded by a beautiful scenic park.

In the interwar period, the owner of the building was Jan Szołdrski. After the war, all of the estate, including the park and palace complex, was taken over by the Treasury. In 1995, the whole was purchased by Antoni Chłapowski and converted into the International Horse Riding Education Centre – the Antoni Chłapowski Horse Riding Centre.

Our offer includes:

Our guests can go for a stroll on horseback or in a carriage. The hotel has a safe car park.

While visiting with us, it is worth seeing the nearby late Gothic St. Barbara Church from mid-15th century, in the Baroque altar are paintings of the Holy Trinity and Saint Barbara; on the walls are epitaph plaques of the Szołdrskis from 1750 and 1886, and the 19th-century parsonage which houses the Memorial Room of Blessed Edmund Bojanowski.


"It will be our pleasure to receive
you as our guests,
wishing you a delightful stay…"
Antoni Chłapowski

Visit our palace's website, where you will learn more about our offer!



Address: Jaszkowo Riding Centre   Jaszkowo,  ul. Jaszkowo 16, 63-112 Brodnica, Poland

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