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Integration events

With the picturesque landscapes in the Jaszkowo Horse Riding Centre, as well as the great conditions for organising different kinds of trainings, we invite you to arrange with us your integration events combined with employee training.


  • Excursions for school and kindergarten students
  • Integration events for companies: indoors or in the open air, by a bonfire
  • Other occasional events
  • Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, first communions…
  • Trainings, conferences

Excursions for school and kindergarten students include:

  • A tour of the centre
  • A horse care and handling lesson
  • Horse riding – guided ride
  • A bonfire with sausage roasting
  • Games on the meadows – with: a playing field for horse shoe throwing, volleyball, soccer, basketball – children can spend their time pleasantly in the open air

Integration events for companies – in our offer:

  • A tour of the centre
  • A horse care and handling lesson
  • The participants can mount saddle horses or get in a carriage and go for a ride on the meadows by the Warta
  • A soccer or volleyball match, a horse shoe throwing competition, tug of war, races on runners…
  • A grill or bonfire, with keg beer connected to a rollbar
  • Optional full-day board – details to be arranged
  • Possibility of lodgings

We are open to your suggestions regarding the programme, stay, and we will try to accommodate any wishes related to the organisation of your event. The event’s date, duration and all associated details can be arranged.
Trainings, conferences:

  • Conference and training halls
  • o for 20-30 people – radio and television equipment, dry-clean board, flipchart board next to the chimney hall on the manege
  • o for 150 people – sound amplification, flipchart board, conference chairs with covers, multimedia screen and projectors in the palace
  • During the training or a break, we can provide coffee, tea, mineral water, shortcake, salt sticks or yeast cake.
  • We suggest interspersing trainings with activities with horses

Address: Jaszkowo Riding Centre   Jaszkowo,  ul. Jaszkowo 16, 63-112 Brodnica, Poland

Phone.: + 48 61 28 37 556  E-mail:

GEO: 52.14264, 16.971884

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